Morag Jackson

I had never been in a gym and hadn’t done any exercise for about 30 years! A year of working (and she does make you work!) with Louisa has completely changed my life. I’m fitter and more toned but more importantly I’m more confident. I can’t thank her or recommend her highly enough

Natasha Scribbins

Inspiration, motivation and results! Louisa is the full package and after training with her for nearly a year I feel like I am “the best I can be”. With a pressing schedule in a stressful and time-consuming job I was struggling to find the motivation to get into the gym. When you do not have a lot of time to spare you want to know that what you are doing is getting the desired results. I have not only found that I am looking good, but both my mental and physical drive and determination has developed to an impressive standard. Louisa designs her training to match individual client needs, and her personable approach makes her an absolute delight to work with. I could not recommend her more!

Mark Rodgers

Since returning from holiday I have been having personal training sessions with Louisa every two weeks. Initially concentrating on weight loss, Louisa has developed programs taking into consideration my age, personal health and fitness as well as preferred training methods and equipment. Programs and targets are agreed and revised at each session. In the space of 15 weeks, I’m delighted to say that I have lost three stone and four pounds.

Fran Bowen

I had a dream-goal, an aim and a vision that I desperately wanted to achieve – and Louisa was the one who gave me a focussed, effective and driven strategy to get there on the eight-week programme. It wasn’t just about going gym-crazy … lifestyle/behaviour/habits were also discussed and assessed in depth – and then used to build a really cohesive, personal and co-ordinated plan. Her understanding of her clients and their development, really is a motivator and a major factor in achieving success.
She gave me invaluable advice on a variety of additional tips and techniques, to really finely hone my programme, and these ensured that whilst I was on the road to improvement – everything else fell into place too, and I had real fun and a sense of achievement along the way. When she’s working with you, there is no distraction or soft option – it’s an intense hour of working to get results.
For me I needed that guidance, motivation and belief – and this is what gave me the impetus to achieve the objectives Louisa and I had drawn up at the outset. Louisa is very committed to ensuring her clients reach their goals – and this added energy really made me want to work for it.