Working Out In The Autumn

With the weather turning colder it’s very easy to start wrapping up in jumpers and start neglecting working out in favour of cosy nights in restaurants with comfort food. Also, I hate to mention the word Christmas in October but as that time approaches there will always be something to do other than workout!

In reality now is the time to make sure that you focus on some  goals and don’t take your eye off the ball. We all indulge over Christmas so make sure that you are feeling fabulous before the festive period which let’s face it is only really a week.

With the outside feeling refreshing (as long as it’s not raining) it’s a great time of year to wrap up and get outside for a regular walk or run. Not only will your energy levels increase leaving you feeling energised but you will suddenly have a new appreciation for  a time of year which a lot of people see as an excuse to hide away.

With the nights getting darker earlier be realistic with yourself and if it’s going to be too dark to go running when you get home from work then join a gym which is convenient to you.

Variety is key so a class, a swim or a gym programme made specific to your needs are all great options to have you feeling great for Christmas!